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Happy Earthday Everyday!

Thank you Richard Reed Foundation for your 2023 Earthday Award this past spring! It is humbling to be recognized and we really appreciate your support of our work to build healthy soil, healthy plants, healthy food, healthy people, and a healthy planet. Our family at CLP, we are so in love with the Earth that we practice our appreciation everyday, all year long.

What do we do to love on the Earth on the daily?

We find ourselves, at CLP feeling centered through

  • speaking gratitiudes to the plants and bugs moving about

  • breathing intention into the water we and our gardens drink

  • using ancient gardening methods that care for the Earth and the systems of soil, water, and life

  • moving waste from the landfills to build soil

  • sharing knowledge with the community around us

  • building gardens wherever the Land is asking

  • growing love

How will you spend your day today loving the Earth?

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