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Created in 2015, CLP is building change with youth across the spectrum, educators, and communities by learning to see where we consume resources and how we produce waste so that we can innovate ways to switch it up.  


We innovate ways to limit consumption and redirect waste from

the classroom, our backyards, and our everyday life.

Waste is a resource we use to build soil, create art, and design new uses.

We share knowledge about the social and environmental effects of what we buy, what we eat, how we choose to live, and learn together as we build a food forest.

We reclaim unused school gardens, we foodscape school campuses and unused community spaces,

and we grow food sovereignty.

We become the change.

Our actions become food justice, food literacy, and healthy soil which

leads to healthy food which grows a healthy body.

Most importantly,

we mobilize youth, educators, and communities through

consumption literacy education, action, and sharing

what we know,

so others can participate in the movement too.

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