Tree Hugger 4 Life

Years ago I was having a conversation with Mimi, my paternal grandmother, in the last of her 101 years on this Earth. She was fascinated by the trees. When I drove with her she would almost giggle as she pointed them, saying ‘oh my! Aren’t they just beautiful?!?!’

I have always been a treehugger. Literally. You will definitely find me comfortably wrapping my arms around that rough or smooth bark, and taking a breath. I love them too. They are around us in the city, breathing all this toxicity and giving us cleaner air so we can breathe. They hold our soil so the rains won’t take it away. Standing so strong, a mirror of root systems reflecting the branches above, they always are working to build the space to hold the community above and below us.

This morning, I took a slow walk. Trying to remember to breathe when I start my day. When I breathe, I celebrate that I am a part of the process, healing and growing everyday. I saw a tree standing against the mountains in the backyard. Breathe Innnnnnn. Hold that. Breathe Ouuuuut. We got this.