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Plastic Overwhelm!!!!

My word, I can’t even tell you how much plastic I am finding in my life.

I am conscious person, I do a lot that reduces waste….

But I am also a survivalist-In the fast-paced way.

Running from one thing to the next.

A swing through Starbucks,

A quick stop in the morning at the grocery for filling lunch boxes.

It’s a life of unpreparedness.

And it doesn’t work when you are trying to go no waste.

The first step of this, I am finding, is a sit back and look at your life pause.

I am auditing my waste and preparing for a shift.

My kids keep hearing me say, soon we are going to have a life with no plastic, we will have to be finding alternatives to all of the stuff we have come to enjoy that is held by plastic.

The first step, for me, is mental preparation.

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