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The Positive Challenge

What would it take to go about the business of your day creating no waste what-so-ever and only purchasing items that have a positive impact on the people and communities that provided the resources to create them? I have been researching bloggers that telling their stories about changing the actions in their lives to produce no waste. I read that the steps are

  1. Refusal

  2. Reduce

  3. Reuse

  4. Compost

The one that stands out so strongly to me is Refusal. Refusal to participate in a norm that currently dominates our modern society: buy, use, toss-and be quick-so you can buy again.

For me, this means changing one of my most important morning rituals: my coffee habit. Often my morning ritual bleeds into the day as I’m rushing from one place to another and the Starbucks drive thru is like a glimmering star begging me to come and indulge. My good friend, colleague, and partner in cooping is taking a step towards zero waste each month. She has a plan to commit slowly each month to changing one household habit that creates waste.

Why does change feel so hard?!?

Someone told me once that all change is resisted. I don’t know if I resist it, but I do know that it takes sacrifice, time, convenience, pleasure, ease….it’s like we have learned how to juggle our lives, how do we change our rhythm and not drop the balls?

One thing at a time.

One thing at a time, I like that approach. I’m at a coffee shop and this morning I brought a mason jar to fill with my steamy beverage, wrapped in a sock fragment to keep from burning my hands as I hold it. It’s a little overwhelming to the think about changing everything, but if we just do one step at a time – like juggling one more ball at a time- maybe the shift could smooth, and rewarding. What would your first step be?

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