A Moment in the Garden

About 10 years ago, with my middle child swathed on my back, I planted vegetable seeds in the ground. I wanted to figure out how it worked. I wanted to teach my kids a way of eating separate from a grocery store purchase.

Each year since a new patch of grass has disappeared into the past and has become a new little urban garden somewhere in my yard. What was at first an experiment evolved to become a mission to learn to plant and raise foods that could feed my family. Now, looking back, it has produced something far beyond what I ever could have imagined…gardening has helped me to build my community. On all sides of me are people that in the everyday rush, we pass each on our way out the door, maybe a quick wave, and then we are off into the world, with no other exchange. Gardening created a moment to stop and talk about the plants growing, about the chickens clucking…what grew well, what didn’t, or maybe just chatting over a handful of delicious golden raspberries.