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Sustainability could be…

A different world cannot be created with indifferent people, says the fortune cookie.

Sustainability could be…

Just doing it, but differently. Seeing the whole system,

When you buy and do. Where does it come from?

How was community left, did they shoulder a burden, did they have access to also enjoy?

Whose hands put it together? What did their hands look like when it was over? Can we encourage better from across the world?

How far did it travel? How was the land treated?

Maybe sustainability is more than the idea of being green. What if instead being sustainable is being a global citizen, concerned with the health and well-being of others as part of our purchase. What if being sustainable meant more than LEED certification, what if it meant sharing, rising up together-arms stretched wide across the globe to people and places we have no idea exist. What if being sustainable meant that there is a cost, intrinsically embedded to value the places our resources come from, to value the beautiful people, families, and communities that shoulder the burden of producing our consumer wants.

What if sustainability meant being

creative, compassionate,

and literate

about each of our actions?

How different could the world be?

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