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Something Different

Unicorn on the dumpster, photo Courtesy of Unknown Street Artist

Life can feel so busy, just packed full of the little everyday things we do all day long. Yesterday I was humbled by the thoughts of these high schoolers that I am working with. We are talking about sustainability, a topic I have taught and thought about for many years.

Are humans over reaching the capacity of the earth?

Are we using too much?

How can we change the gloomy outlook in such an age when we are so controlled by media, established corporate, political, and social norms?

There was this moment where it dawned on me, all I know is to hope. My work to guide these young beautiful minds to seeing something else, something even I don’t know fully yet. Maybe the notion of sustainability isn’t just being “green” or checking off the list of environmentally friendly behaviors…maybe we are talking about a radical revolution of thinking.

Our time at the mall becomes moments we spend in our community, or someone else’s community to build, grow, and share.

What if the crux of success in envisioning a sustainable future lies in something so simple, compassion…? The color changes from green to a beautiful blue like the blood that pumps our hearts, beating strong with goodness. Trying to find ways to distribute and share resources. Bringing us all to a place that we participate in this common future that we have together.

Find one moment today, slow it down, change your norm, and find one itty bitty place in your life to do something different. Share a resource, save a resource, or maybe just be grateful for the resource.

Sending love and hugs to all of you out there reading this.

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