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Feet In Soil. Part 2

A few years ago, I taught some college students about climate change but some of them didn’t want to hear it. After fumbling through this feeling of frustration trying to make sense out of the seeming indifference, in some cases what felt like outright rejection, I let go. I let go of the urge of wanting to change them and instead embraced an opportunity to guide by sharing my own experiences of working through the seemingly mundane day to day decisions where natural and social resources were embedded in everything I did. That became interesting to them, because they began to see where we all buy into products and lifestyles that don’t always line up with the values that we hold. One student found that Caress Body Soap was full of ingredients that contradicted her idea of a healthy body, another student was dismayed to find that her Apple computer purchase perpetuated the very social injustice of labor abuse that she was outwardly against.

There will be many twists and turns as this blog moves forward in my, and our, constantly evolving understanding of how what we do has these minute, and collectively massive, impressions on the world we live in. Thank you for coming with me, I’m so excited to walk forward with a curious and gentle footstep, in our awareness of how our daily lives are so connected to the rest of the world.

#ManitoulinIsland #connected #Alex #Soil #earth

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