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Project Zero

Hello World! Welcome to CLP's Nearly Zero Project Blog. In this space, we hope to introduce some amazing people and community members who are doing innovative work to live more lightly on the planet.

This idea has been in the works for quite some time now. Years ago, I wished to have a home as disconnected from the grocery and the buying stuff train as I could get. Fifteen years later, the slow project of building a small urban food system in the backyard is still growing and we have expanded to include other neighbors, and school yards.

The journey to feed my family on a small urban plot of land has been interesting and quite enlightening. It started with mint, digging up the grass for a garden space, and eight chickens. Fast forward now and my yard has a bounty of raspberries and all kinds of fresh herbs, strawberries, service berries, horseradish root, and rhubarb, a peach tree with promise in the next few years, to gardens getting hooped, a community composting system, a cooperative poultry and egg operation, and a cooperative apiary--which collectively are now called The Stuart Street Cooperative! This blog is one voice out of many that are pioneering ways to live differently. The intention is to share some insights into this world of new living -- hoping to share stories of everyday people doing awesome work!

We are the change we have been waiting for.

#ProjectZero #ConsumptionLiteracyProject #UrbanGarden #Composting #StuartStreetCooperative #EnvironmentalRockstars

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