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Youth-led Action. Zero Waste. Our Future

ECE-5th grade 

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Imagine an entire school producing almost no waste. 

Imagine designing a system to recapture waste as a resource.

Imagine youth creating the change.

Our Nearly Zero Project is a toolkit to get whole schools walking on the path to changing the culture of waste in their buildings and believing in their students to lead it. 


We are the change we have been waiting for.



Worm Composting


Indoor Composting

This kit includes everything you need to start composting worms indoors!  You will receive a black worm bin with pre-drilled holes for ventilation, newspaper for bedding, instructions for set-up and maintenance, and a nest of worms raised by students with love and attention to science

Work on early science literacy with your kids at home.  Watch the process of decomposition in action!


Your purchase supports our programs and allows us to continue working with

youth to develop a strong sense of curiosity and understanding about the world!

Worm Bin Kits $150 + a pay it forward opportunity to share your worms!!!

Contact us today to get started!

WORMOLOGY Curriculum

The World In A Box:

Mindfulness, Curiosity,

Connection, and Critical Thinking

ECE - 3rd Grade

This is such an important part of our programming at CLP!  These little spirits are our future!!  We believe so strongly that the years from 3-6 are the foundation to our entire educational experience.  This early science literacy curriculum is designed with a 45-minute worm bin experience every other week to explore cool stuff like the body of a worm and how worms move, and how in the word they turn our food waste into nutritious soil!  Shoot us an email if you are interested in bringing this amazing experience to your class or school!

World in a Box Tool Kit - $1,000/Class

(Sponsorships encouraged)

Included :

  • CLP's Worm Composting Kit

  • ECE-3rd Grade: 3 units, 9 lesson plans building and exploring a worm bin in the classroom

  • Lesson plans

  • Access to Supplemental Videos, worksheets, & lessons

  • Access to CLP Interns and classroom support too!


Climate Justice with Compost:

How to Build Something



4th-6th Grade

 This program is all about making change that has a positive impact on the environment.  Our toolkit is a comprehensive approach to creating a Nearly Zero Waste system in your school while Youth participate in leading the change!  Students will walk away with a scientifically grounded understanding of compost, waste, and the relationships between healthy soils, healthy bodies, and healthy communities. 

Changeology Tool Kit- $2,500/School 

(Sponsorships encouraged)


  • CLP's Worm Composting Kit

  • 7- week, Wormology Curriculum K-1st grades

  • 12-week, 4-unit Compostology curriculum 4th & 5th Grades

  • Access to CLP's Nearly Zero Training & Educator Collective

  • Access to CLP Interns and classroom support too!


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