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Our Impact

Created in 2015 to educate teachers and the community 

"The ART of Inquiry"

Consumption Literacy Project works to engage the public with the ART of thinking about our natural resource consumption. Consumption Literacy occurs through the empowerment of people to read the small, but collectively large, impacts of our everyday lives on the rest of the world (ecologically, economically and socially).

I came into this class just wanting to get a science credit out of the way, but I had no idea I would develop such an interest in environmental science... Being able to see my own contribution to the world's garbage, water use, and electricity use has put into perspective what 7 billion of us are doing on the planet.
Student Response from 2013 Pilot Study



The Lifebook Experience

The Lifebook is a space that allows students to collect, analyze, reflect, and creatively question the data embedded within their everyday lives.

The Lifebook is a guide that incites curiosity about the natural resource use and social labor that inevitably and invisibly exists within each of our life habits.

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