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Consumption. Waste. Action.

CLP's Mission

CLP engages and supports youth, educators, and communities to innovate ways of changing waste and consumption patterns. 

CLP's Vision

To bring people together in the process of building a future for all members of our community that is environmentally beneficial, healthy, equitable, compassionate, and mindful.

CLP's Goals

At CLP, we believe that we are the ones we have been waiting for.  Change towards a more environmentally sound and socially just world is at our fingertips.  It is our dream to inspire different ways of buying, living, and being as an individual, as an entire school, and as a whole community.  

CLP works to 

  • Provide Consumption Literacy Education programming across the spectrum (youth, parents, educators, and community) to spread awareness about consumption and waste. 

  • Engage youth in school and community-based change projects

  • Reduce our urban waste stream, shift our patterns of consumerism, build our local food growing capacity as well as access, and inspire ways of living that benefit the planet.

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