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September 26, 2018

What if we no longer had plastic?

How would we do it?

One trip to the grocery and all feels impossible.

Grab for the grapes, nope. Plastic.

Need tortillas? Nope. Plastic.

Strawberries? Nope.

Bread? Nope.

Even milk has that tiny plastic safety seal.

An orca held her emaciated dead toddler in mourning. 

Barely eating, she constantly grabbed the body as it sank and pulled it back up to the surface for 17 days.

The mama is 20 years old.

The pod is endangered.

75 members.

No newborn member has survived in the last three years.

She kept the body at the surface for 17 days. 

Why did she do that? 

The connection between that perforated plastic bag of grapes,

And this mothers pain...

August 29, 2017

The first thing that I have been reminded of this week is that changing a habit is difficult, it almost feels counter intuitive. We have all done it, right? Try to work ourselves into functioning in a different way, but still finding the norm in what it was before. The bike ride didn’t happen on Monday, one sweet kid had an early dismissal, another had a rough time entering into the first day of school. I felt frustrated trying to keep with the plan. Then, the second reminder came, have patience in the imperfection as it shifts into something new… go slow… let the change become what it is. Our habits have formed over years, so to reform will also take tim...

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Hands in the Soil

September 5, 2019

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