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August 29, 2017

The first thing that I have been reminded of this week is that changing a habit is difficult, it almost feels counter intuitive. We have all done it, right? Try to work ourselves into functioning in a different way, but still finding the norm in what it was before. The bike ride didn’t happen on Monday, one sweet kid had an early dismissal, another had a rough time entering into the first day of school. I felt frustrated trying to keep with the plan. Then, the second reminder came, have patience in the imperfection as it shifts into something new… go slow… let the change become what it is. Our habits have formed over years, so to reform will also take tim...

August 23, 2017

I have three kids, all are going to be in three different schools, and I work full-time downtown.  Today, I mapped out the crazy pattern of driving that will begin at 7am in Denver, take me to two schools in Wheat Ridge, then around back to Sunnyside in Denver.  I drop my car next to school number 3 and then grab the bike from the back of it.  Now, just a few more minutes to the office with some fresh air and no parking problems. 

It’s been burning me, how do I secure, and rationalize, bike riding time over car time when every minute counts?  A ten-minute bike ride…it’s just a small slice of my fossil fuel pie, but a very important time and...

August 16, 2017

This summer, I drove across North America from Manitoulin Island on Lake Huron, through Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, then Kansas, and finally to Denver, Colorado.  The morning we left the island there was this beautiful fog gently laying over the land.  The rolled hay bales sitting quietly on the freshly mowed field felt so familiar and sad to leave.  I was thinking about my my own connection to this land.  Then I thought about the history of this island and how this was originally all First Nation’s land, it was even guaranteed by treaty in 1836.  Like an echo all over North America, the familiar story of cultural genocide is woven throug...

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Hands in the Soil

September 5, 2019

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